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GPS In The News

GPS in the News



We curate the best of the best GPS news from around the world, for you. This time, we’re focused on what in our world can be tracked and what can be learned. Some of this excellent material can’t be made up. The rest? You decide.


Hippos and Anthrax

Hippos and GPS

Researchers in Tanzania are finding some interesting causes of anthrax outbreaks using GPS to track hippos. It turns out dry rivers have changed hippo migration patterns, and that, in turn, has resulted in anthrax outbreaks.


Eagles use Turbulence for Propulsion

Eagles and GPS

So it turns out eagles are more advanced than fighter jets, in case you were wondering. Researchers tracked eagles using GPS, and found they go further, faster, in areas of turbulence. The research could point the way to more advanced airfoils in the future.


Tracking Miners for Safety

Miners and GPS

Did you know there are still miners out there who log where they are manually, by writing it down on a check-in log? (Remind you of your business? Here’s something you can do about that: Knowing where miners are underground can be the difference between life and death. Now, they’re using every advanced tech to pinpoint where they are underground. It’s cool stuff, and points to where GPS, Wifi, and accelerometer-based indoor tracking is headed.


Tiny Trackers Track Songbirds

Songbirds and GPS

We’re always looking at the cutting edge of items that can be tracked. What’s possible depends on the cost of hardware, and longevity of batteries. Get those small enough, and cheap enough, and strong enough, and you can track anything. Forget electric scooters. How about a real songbird?



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