Control gives you confidence.

If you have techs driving work trucks to job sites, can you afford to NOT be connected? Know where it’s at, how it’s operating, and where it’s going. We make it easy to get better control of your field service operations.

Easy to Try, Easy to Scale

Momentum IoT is a new kind of tracking vendor, built from gravel up to solve your needs. We rethought everything: hardware, platform, applications. Our product is easy to try, and simple to scale. One low monthly fee covers it all. We’re here to help. Because you have enough headaches.



All in one place

Complete Visibility

We built the tracking solution we wanted for our own fleet:
a super-advanced, super-rugged device, intuitive location application, and important alerts available on-demand.

Monthly Cost per Unit $15 $17.95 $16.95 $22.99
Hardware Cost $0 $0 $39.95 $39.99
Contract Never Required No Optional
Asset Sharing
API Integration Free Cost
Sunset Risk*  (learn more) No Yes Yes

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