How to Track and Manage Your Cannabis Fleet

Know where your vehicles are. Keep in compliance with the latest State laws. Starting at just $15/mo with everything you need for tracking and managing your Cannabis fleet.

Manage your Cannabis fleet like a boss

Momentum was built from the gravel up, by professionals, for professionals. We understand that you have many types of assets to track, and not enough time to search for answers.

Real-Time Fleet GPS Tracking

Rest at ease knowing where your Cannabis business fleet vehicles are at all times.

Momentum Eagle 1 GPS tracker (OBD-II) is accurate down to 1.5 meters. Fleet management app is available on the webiOS and Android.

Setup in Minutes, Not Hours

Our customers rave about how easy to install our GPS tracking device is.

Just hook up Momentum Eagle 1 to the Onboard Diagnostic (OBD) receptacle, set up your account, and off you go.

Complete Visibility

We built the tracking solution we wanted for our own fleet:
a super-advanced, super-rugged device, intuitive location application, and important alerts available on-demand.

Live Tracking of Vehicles

See your work trucks, mowers, weed eaters, storage containers, blowers and trailers with real-time tracking every 60 seconds, in a single place.


Set up a location, and then get a notification for every exit or entry to that location. Get notified with trip length and max speed reports.


Dashboard view of odometer, voltage and fuel level. Know the status of vehicles in Idle, Park, or Moving, and manage to reduce idle time.

Easy Install

Plug-in connectors let you install with no wiring. Auto-load feature automatically sets up vehicle in dashboard after plug-in and ignition.


Get an alert via text or e-mail for Check Engine OBD and Maintenance issues. Get Speed Alerts which you can set for max speed.

Advanced Technology

LTE Cat-M gives you better connectivity at a lower cost and lower power consumption, resulting in less battery usage.

Business Owners & Operators Love Us. You Will Too.

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