October 20, 2021


Link Cheng

Get Paid to Help a Friend



Today, we’re announcing something that’s not quite a product feature. It doesn’t save you money, or improve your user experience, or add a new power tool to our feature list.

Instead, it just puts money into your bank account.

Well, I suppose it will put a smile on your face as well. And you’ll be helping a friend find the best, fastest growing, easiest-to-use GPS Tracking ever built. So you’ll be happy, they’ll be happy, and we’ll be happy.

That’s the rare Triple Lindy. CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW THAT WORKS.

Now, you can be like Thornton Melon, and rake in the cash.

Tell a friend about Momentum. Tell them how easy it is to track and manage their fleet. Give them your unique link. You will receive $60 for every device they buy. Just make sure they use your link to buy!

To get started:

1) Log in at app.momentumiot.com (if you don’t have an account, get one!)
2) Click on the “Refer a Friend” link on desktop or mobile web. (See image below.)
3) Find your unique affiliate link on the page. It’ll look something like this:

4) Share with anyone, and ask them to click your unique link to try us.
5) Profit.

-Momentum Team



PS: One customer has already made $2,500+ in referrals. You can do it too!


In the app:

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