A Single Fleet Tracking Platform For All Your Moving Assets

Our Fleet Tracking Platform gives you the ability to connect multiple asset types and view them all on one screen. Manage trucks, trailers, light and heavy equipment, all on one platform.

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One Fleet Tracking Platform Displays Your Entire Fleet Operation

  • — Set Geo-Locations
  • — Get Speed Alerts
  • — See Trips/Routes

A Bird's Eye View of All Your Fleet Vehicles and Equipments

Now you're in control. Our award-winning GPS Telematics dashboard lets you manage your fleet at a glance. Group assets by location, asset type, or other custom criteria. Quickly find and sort by operating status, such as idled, parked, or moving. Know where your trucks are, how they're doing, and where they're going.

Real Time Reporting

Real-time reporting puts you in the driver’s seat. You can set up to get an alert if a vehicle has idled for too long. You can get alerts via text, email, or in-app notification. Our Trips and Mileage reports can be downloaded into .csv or Excel files.

Monitor your individual assets at a granular level

Now you can use GPS Telematics to track maintenance and operating performance before issues arise. You’ll know fuel levels, and can compare to routes driven. You can set up monitors to track geolocation exit/entry, low battery alerts, speed alerts, disconnect alerts, and more.

Benefits of Fleet Management Platform

Robust, Well-Documented API

Our GPS Telematics devices were designed to be provisioned, managed, and updated over the cloud. Our API gives integrators access to device data, to build telematics into their applications.

Military-Grade Security

Our Eagle devices offer the industry’s leading security standard. 1-to-1 communication, end to end encrypted, and compressed. This is the industry's gold standard for security.

Reduce Fleet Operating Costs

Tracking fuel consumption, managing off-duty use, and reducing idle times are just some ways fleet managers are reducing their fleet operating costs with GPS telematics.

Improve Customer Experience

Get techs to job sites on time. Set an alert to know when they arrive, and keep them on schedule. Automatically send a text or email to customers when a service vehicle has arrived at a job site.


  • What is fleet management?

    Fleet tracking is a set of tech-enabled systems designed to help fleet managers manage their fleets, drivers and all rolling assets. Most fleet tracking systems include a combination of: • connected devices installed into trucks, trailers, and equipment, • an Internet of Things (IoT) platform or servers which centralize the data collected from the connected devices, and • an application or dashboard to view the data, often on an embedded Google map. These systems are sometimes interchangeably called “telematics.”

  • What does fleet management software do?

    Fleet Tracking devices often connect to a vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) Port. When connected to this port, a fleet tracking device can collect and communicate advanced diagnostic data, in addition to location and speed. Common features of fleet tracking systems include: • Location • Trip Tracking • History of Trips • Mileage/Odometer • Breadcrumbs during a trip • Speed • Direction • Fuel Level • Battery Voltage • Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) notification

  • How do I use fleet management software?

    Some Fleet Tracking systems enable a manager to receive real-time performance information, via email or text or in-app notification. Here are some examples of monitors: • Geofence exit/entry alert • Speed threshold alert • Battery voltage alert • Disconnection alert • Excessive Idling alert

  • Why is fleet management important?

    Fleet Tracking systems offer a variety of benefits. In the simplest sense, fleet tracking enables a manager to know where his assets are, where they are going, and how they are performing. The manager can answer questions such as: Are my drivers where they are supposed to be? Which driver or asset is closest to a job site and available for dispatch? What is my fuel consumption today? How can I manage idling time and who are my drivers idling the most?

  • How to generate the report from fleet management system?

    Some Fleet Tracking Systems offer on-demand and downloadable reports. These can be downloaded into a spreadsheet for easy sorting and analysis. Some important Fleet Tracking system reports are: • Idling Reports • Mileage Reports • Trip Reports

Introducing the Eagle 1

Our ruggedized device for location, maintenance, and GPS tracking is the industry’s most advanced tracker, offering military-grade protection from weather, water, dust, and sun.

  • — Plug into your vehicle's diagnostic port
  • — Auto-load your vehicle info with minimal typing
  • — Optional 12-volt cable for equipment

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    So easy to install, great software, awesome service!

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    Momentum IoT is reducing end-user friction through user-friendly, self-service fulfillment that is transaction based and highly intuitive.

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    I like the Affordability. Best tracking for the buck. No contract. You can add more or remove with ease.

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    Works great, I have no complaints. Installs very easy. It’s a little bigger than I was expecting.

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    Very accurate and works great and does exactly what I need it to do to track vehicles/trucks.

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    Super easy to use, easy to set up. All around great product. Know where my crew and my vehicles are at all times. Buy it!!!

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    I dislike having to pay a monthly fee. A flat rate fee is more attractive to small business owners. This is definitely a solution that…

  • Traffic Management, Inc. - Chris Spano, CEO, Traffic Management, Inc.

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    User in Computer & Network Security

    What I like the most is the GPS system along with the many other features. Keeping track of my car’s parking locations, gas, idling issue,…

  • Winner: 2019 Compass Intel Spring Award

    “Momentum IoT has made fleet tracking affordable and achievable for small to medium sized businesses.”

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