Fleet Maintenance

Vehicle breakdowns cost you thousands.
Stay ahead with Momentum.

Momentum Fleet Maintenance puts your service history, maintenance schedule, compliance reminders, idling report, and cost-per-mile calculation in a single cloud-based platform.
Save money by managing all service records and maintenance cycles in your cloud-based dashboard. Optimize asset uptime while keeping your team accountable.
Hassle-Free Setup
A hassle-free, one-time setup and you're running your fleet like a pro. Auto-enrollment saves you time by automatically detecting and enrolling new assets.
Track service record costs and upload receipts.
Not only paperless. A data-driven approach to Fleet Maintenance saves you time, keeps you in compliance, and helps you scale.

Spot trends quickly with Cost-Per-Mile reporting. Eliminate the communication slack to lower total ownership cost.

Manage fleet maintenance performance with Compliance Percentage, showing how many service tasks were completed in time.

Get alerts by text or email notifications on upcoming service tasks, expiring service tasks, DTC codes, and idling time.

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