Fleet Maintenance

Momentum Fleet Maintenance puts your service history, maintenance schedule, compliance reminders, idling report, and cost-per-mile calculation in a single cloud-based platform.

Vehicle breakdowns cost you thousands.
Stay ahead with Momentum.


Save money by managing all service records and maintenance cycles in your cloud-based dashboard. Optimize asset uptime while keeping your team accountable.

Hassle-Free Setup

A hassle-free, one-time setup and you’re running your fleet like a pro. Auto-enrollment saves you time by automatically detecting and enrolling new assets.


Track service record costs and upload receipts.

Not only paperless. A data-driven approach to Fleet Maintenance saves you time, keeps you in compliance, and helps you grow.

Introducing the Eagle 1

Our ruggedized device for location, maintenance, and GPS tracking is the industry’s most advanced tracker, offering military-grade protection from weather, water, dust, and sun.

  • Plug into your vehicle’s diagnostic port
  • Auto-load your vehicle info with minimal typing
  • Optional 12-volt cable for equipment

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