September 21, 2022


Christina Davis

Fleet Maintenance Gives The Data You Didn’t Know You Needed

It’s Monday morning. You just sat down with a cup of coffee at your computer, ready to start the week. All of a sudden, you get a frantic call from your favorite employee, Randall. His van had broken down on the way to the jobsite, and the customer was already upset that the project was delayed. You leap out of your chair, spill coffee all over your jeans, and race out the door to get the weed trimming job done yourself. Happy Monday. Maybe we’re going to have to rethink Employee of the Month for good ol’ Randall…

It costs the company time, dollars, and headaches when vehicles break down. It’s a huge interruption to day-to-day operations, and can result in catastrophic consequences for company growth. In the case of Randall, the entire situation could have been avoided had you and Randall had better insight into when the vehicle was due for service and then responsibly taking it into the shop. How is your vehicle maintenance currently being tracked? On a piece of paper that may be sitting in a file cabinet? In an Excel spreadsheet that hasn’t been viewed in days? Or, on a sticker stuck inside the vehicle that no one, not even Randall, is going to see? Part of running a successful operation is knowing that all your ducks are in a row, but it gets tricky when the ducks start flying around. Try running an IoT company.

One of the reasons why we started Momentum IoT was to help our customers manage their operations, and our new Fleet Maintenance feature does just that and more. Momentum Fleet Maintenance puts the user’s service history, maintenance schedule, compliance reminders, and cost-per-mile calculation in a single cloud-based platform. It can be accessed from the same Momentum dashboard with an additional tab for Fleet Maintenance. One of the key benefits to fleet maintenance is to give business owners and users the knowledge they need to reduce costs and increase productivity companywide. How’s that for an Operations upgrade?

Users can now assign vehicles to service programs, allowing for more insight into regular vehicle maintenance. Service schedules maintain timelines when vehicles are due for service. Tasks allow the user to assign the jobs to employees. All of these features are accessed from the Momentum dashboard. We may not be able to give you pain killers, but we can alleviate some of your headache by providing extra data from the same interface that you already know.

Cost-Per-Mile reporting allows the user to gain more visibility into trends resulting in a lower total ownership cost. Compliance percentage now assists with fleet performance by the number of service tasks completed on time. The user may also receive alerts by text or email notifications on upcoming service tasks and expiring service tasks. In Operations, there is nothing better than getting extra data about your business.

Current customers can try a demo for 30 days, the pricing for Fleet Maintenance is $6 per asset per month.


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  1. Charles Burton September 26, 2022 at 6:05 pm - Reply

    Id love to get information on your GPS tracking devices for our cannabis delivery service.