Frequently Asked Questions

Who we are:
Industry experts on a mission to help you improve field operations.

What we make:
We make technology that helps fleet managers and business owners

Who do they serve?

We serve fleet managers who run small and mid-sized fleets consisting of trucks, trailers, heavy and light equipment.

Why does Momentum exist?
We exist because traditional telematics companies don’t understand the first thing about today’s clients and their needs. To wit, clients want to find it now, using the latest tech, and integrated with their existing tools. They want a responsive IoT provider who will play nicely with them, and with others. They want support for their integrations, so they can track more stuff. They want to speed up, and not be blocked by old ideas and “not invented here” thinking.

What is Momentum not?

We’re not going to lock you into a data silo, ever. We’re not going to lock you into a contract, or yesterday’s technology, or one type of hardware (theirs).

How far are you willing to go with this?
All the way, baby.

Yes. You pay zero, nada, zilch. We mean it. This has been the number one question we get. You DO NOT PAY for hardware. You pay for a service, monthly.

If you chose to cancel your subscription with us (which you can do at any time) just send the hardware back with a pre-paid shipping label.

Yes, there is no contract. We know many of you are used to Verizon Connect, and every other company. We know that many of you expect to pay for hardware, and also get locked into annual contracts. We think there’s a better way. Pay us monthly as long as you love us, and if you are done, send us the devices back and stop paying us, at any time.

You’re not paying for our fancy marketing (can’t you tell?). No trade shows, no print brochures, no sales junkets. We don’t golf. More to the point, we’re running on Cat-M, and were built for the latest tech. We have no “technical debt,” or other debt, for that matter. We built telematics to work for your specific needs, and not for all possible uses. Finally, our compression gives us the ability to save even more on the data costs. We pass the cost advantage to you, keeping just a bit extra to fund our weekly mega-order of Feisty Cherry Diet Coke.

Our devices use less power, and are designed to work for both vehicles and light equipment. This includes generators, pumps, etc. Thus, we can serve a fuller spectrum of assets, from trucks, to trailers, to ATVs and golf carts, to generators and pumps. Past that, we integrate Bluetooth and other super-light tracking technologies, ideal for tools on trucks. You see more stuff, all on one screen.