June 18, 2019


Link Cheng

Do Companies Have Souls?

Apple Pro Stand: $999

What’s wrong with this product? It reveals Apple’s soul.

What’s wrong with this product? To many, it shines a light at the deep inner soul of Apple. And what do they see?
Long, long ago, Apple got big because it made products that just worked. They were beautiful, from the inside out. Today, they announce $999 computer stands, but yesterday, they put a dent in the world.
I thought about this in relation to the industry that Momentum IoT is trying to change. Telematics is fragmented, with products that are way too complex, and designed for insiders, not the masses. Like PCs in 1982. The average product from the top 20 fleet telematics providers is developed by so many stakeholders that it is a festering mess. I know, because I worked at some of the biggest fleet telematics providers.
At those companies, hundreds of different people, in multiple roles, have a hand in developing each product. Shortcuts are taken, and legacy debt is incurred. Each incremental product is worse than the one before, because nothing is made from scratch.
At Momentum IoT, less than 10 people developed all of it. A vertically integrated product, consisting of interacting hardware, platform and application. Vertically integrated, just like Apple’s best. Simple, like an iPod. Purpose-built by people who spent time in field services, and know what’s needed.
Advanced GPS Tracking Device: Momentum Eagle 1

Advanced GPS Tracking Device: Momentum Eagle 1

We ship beautiful products, made for the little guy, priced to break the game. We’re not hiding our application. Want to try it? Click here. We’re happy to ship you the device too, if you are a fleet manager. Click here to try it, and tell us what you think. No up-front cost, no setup fee, and no long-term contract.
Big Brother must be furious.

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