November 7, 2019


Link Cheng

Can GPS Pay for Itself?

Momentum IoT pays for itself.

Momentum IoT pays for itself.

Can GPS from Momentum IoT pay for itself? (HINT: Look at the pic above before you answer.) How many gallons of gas did your drivers burn while idling last month? Who burned the most?


Our new Instant Idle Reports put live idling status for every vehicle at your fingertips. See the report or set a monitor to get an alert via text or email on any single vehicle, when it’s idling too long. Make the world a bit greener, and put some more green in your pocket.

Instant Idle Reports from Momentum IoT

Instant Idle Reports from Momentum IoT


To view this in the application, select “Reports” and scroll down to “Idle Reports”. You can view this Globally, by Location, by Group, or by individual Asset. You can click to toggle different time periods.


Scroll down to view the “Most Idling Top 10.” These are the vehicles which have idled the most during the period.


You can also get the right idle info pushed right to you, as it happens. Set a Monitor, and you will get a text or email when any vehicle idles for too long.

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