May 24, 2021


Link Cheng

Bird Scooter Fleet Uses Momentum GPS, Wins

Bird Scooter GPS



Brian Bazinet runs a fleet of Bird scooters in San Diego. He knows tech in mobility. He knows his trucks have to be on top of those Birds to ensure quick turnaround, compliance with city requirements, and general success.

So how does he manage the trucks he uses to manage the Birds? Momentum IoT, of course!

“We installed it on all our trucks and love the results!” he said. 

He values GPS geofences, trips, miles, speed and more.

“Track miles driven, speed, trips, all the data you need,” he added. “It also has increased our work flow!”

Way to go, Brian! We’re all about putting the tools of GPS Telematics into the hands of small and mid-sized business owners.


Bird Scooter GPS

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