October 8, 2019


Link Cheng

Better Hardware Enables Better GPS Features

GPS Miles on Any Asset!

GPS Miles on Any Asset!

We’ve added several hardware-enabled features which enable customers to manage mixed fleets.

We’ve added GPS mileage, so that you can see trips and miles from assets which are connected with just a 12-volt harness. How do we do that? Our device detects both the movement and the GPS location of the asset, and using those signals, estimates the duration of each trip. If your vehicle is connected using the OBD port, and we’re able to capture Odometer, you will see the mileage report with blue bars. If the bars are green, it means we are using a calculated GPS estimate.

When an Eagle device plugs into a vehicle, it automatically extracts the vehicle’s VIN, and names the asset in our system with that VIN. If the Eagle is removed from one vehicle and installed into a new vehicle, the new asset will be created, with a new VIN and new odometer.

Additional power management features are disabling requests to the vehicle’s CAN bus when ignition is off, so that the Eagle is not drawing vehicle power while the vehicle is parked with ignition off.

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