August 18, 2020


Link Cheng

August Newsletter: Instant Replay!

Let’s go to the replay!

Have you seen our latest feature? You will love this. Let’s say you get a high priority notification from your GPS tracking device. Johnny’s going over 90 again! Now, you can CLICK ON IT to drill right down to where that happened! That’s right, you can see the breadcrumbs every 10 seconds, and where the incident occurred. Scroll over the pins to quickly go through it.
This applies to all notifications. Set up an Idle Monitor? Now you can drill down with one click to see where they were idling. Same for a disconnect, or geofence, or low voltage.
And… here’s the latest from Momentum IoT:
Speed and Scale | 3 minute read
We’re On It!
A number of our recent innovations give us more scalability. These include: migration to a NoSQL database, multi-threaded event listener, faster reports, and many more. While we have had some challenging service interruptions through these rollouts, the end result is more system scalability. We are far better equipped to handle our rapid growth. So, thanks for your patience, and hope you enjoy the faster application and reports, which in some cases load 10X faster than before!
GPS Status Awareness | 3 min read
New Feature: GPS Status Awareness!
Colors. In the dashboard, the pin for your asset will change color to grey. In an asset list, it will display as “No GPS.” And in trip details, we will mark stops where a GPS fix was not available.
Instant Replay | 5 min read
Deep Links to Issue Location
Here’s more info on Instant Replay. To see it, go into your account, and click on the “Notifications” tab. Click on any of the notifications you see. Once you click on it, you see that specific leg of a trip. You can scroll on the pins on this map, and zoom in as needed. Upcoming feature additions will let you share this as a deep link, so that you can email it.

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