May 5, 2020


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After 51% Decline, Small Fleet Activity Rises Slightly

Nationwide Small Business Fleet Mileage Rises After Steady Decline, Led by New York

Overall Mileage Decline Was 51.4% Nationwide

New York Beginning to Increase

California and Georgia Still Flat

LONG BEACH, CA May 5, 2020 Momentum IoT, the leader in telematics for small business fleets, today revealed new data insights spotlighting the effects of COVID-19 on small business fleets in California, Florida, Georgia, New York and Nationwide.



The data, which aggregated and anonymized more than 250,000 trips from thousands of medium- and light-duty work trucks, vehicles, and vans among Momentum IoT’s customers, reveals the dramatic effects of COVID-19, first in reducing overall mileage by more than 51%, then establishing a floor for several weeks, and now showing the first tentative steps toward potential recovery, led by the New York region.


The data set was compiled over a period of several weeks, beginning Feb. 5, 2020. In the New York region, the miles index fell dramatically through March, reached a floor during the week of April 1, and slowly crept up after that week. In addition to the uptick in New York, the data also reveals that small business fleet miles in California and Georgia have remained low, despite differing statewide policies on re-opening for business.


“Our customers include a broad mix of small business fleets,” said Momentum IoT CEO Justin Silva. “These include many field service industries, such as plumbers, sanitation, and landscaping. This data helps provide a clearer picture of what’s going on, and we’re pleased to be able to share it,” he added.


Momentum IoT’s telematics use GPS tracking to monitor fleets and equipment in real-time and display the data on a web-based map. The technology provides visibility into fleet location, fuel consumption, speed, maintenance issues, and other vehicle operations. 


About Momentum IoT

Momentum IoT helps small and mid-sized fleet managers locate and manage their trucks, trailers, heavy and light equipment with innovative telematics tracking solutions at affordable prices, with no contract. Momentum IoT was built from gravel up by people who worked in field services. Based in Long Beach, CA, Momentum IoT received a 2019 CompassIntel IoT Award in the Fleet Management Tracking category. To learn more about Momentum IoT, visit



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  1. Dev Bhatia May 8, 2020 at 5:12 pm - Reply

    What’s up with Georgia? According to our data, that state did not bounce back even after its Governor lifted restrictions on April 20. Are fleet managers just ignoring the Governor’s policy?

    Please leave a comment if you are in Georgia or have other insights.

  2. Al Mahi April 22, 2021 at 10:51 pm - Reply

    Millions around the globe are using GPS vehicle tracking systems to monitor fleet and personal vehicles. Business users are realizing the benefits the systems provide in running smoother and more efficient logistics operations, while individual users are realizing the peace of mind GPS trackers provide keeping them informed that their family members are safe, and the vehicles secured.