Our Story

About Us

We were there once, too.

Momentum IoT was built from gravel up by people who worked in field services. We weren’t satisfied with the tracking solutions we tried, so we built our own, from scratch.

We know you want some simple things, done very well. You want to know where your stuff is, where it’s going, and how it’s doing.

You want easy installation, with one device and multiple harness options.

You want flexible monthly pricing. No up-front cost. No contract. No lock-in.

You want more control, and less hassle.

Our Philosophy


Momentum is a disruptor. This means we serve a specific, vast segment (small businesses) who have been left behind because their needs appear basic and uninteresting to the large vendors.


We build products and features specifically to address our customers’ needs. We built one device, that works for many uses. We’re easy to try, easy to install, easy to use, with great mobile apps because we know you’re often out in the field yourself.


We grow with your business. There’s no minimum, no hardware cost, and no long-term contract. Use us for as long as you love us, and if you want to cancel, we’ll send you a prepaid return label so you can send us back the devices.

Our Team

Our team is led by industry veterans who’ve built information systems at large field service fleet companies, and also have the chops when it comes to back-end systems and hardware, from industry leaders including Allied Wallet, AppDynamics, Apple, General Electric, LoJack, Magellan, Sentinel Security, Spireon, Thales and more.


Security First

Physical digital encryption stored in each device.


First in industry to ship LTE Cat-M.

100% Cloud

Ditch the field application engineers.

SaaS Pricing

Pay for it all in monthly operations expenses.

Business Owners & Operators Love Us. You Will Too.