November 4, 2019


Link Cheng

4 Major pieces of nonsense you may not expect from fleet telematics providers

4 Major pieces of nonsense

4 Major pieces of nonsense (this stock photo was totally worth it! Used here for parody purposes only.)

4 Major pieces of nonsense you may not expect from fleet telematics providers

There are many variables to consider when reading paid content from your favorite telematics provider. Some variables we expect, but it is the unexpected ones that can wind up ruining the reading experience.

In the paid telematics content space, the four most unexpected pain points to read about are:

• Automatic contract renewals

• Purchasing the wrong device from a vendor’s website

• No guidance through installation

• Non U.S. based customer support

Let’s consider how painful these can be:

1) Two and three-year contracts are bad, but 1-year contracts provided by vendors who pay to publish are good. Got it?

2) E-Commerce is bad. I hate it when I have clear choices and transparent pricing. Much better to call in and let a rep decide what’s best for me. That always works out well.

3) I hate it when I can’t install a vendor’s hardware without guidance. Plug and play installation is crazy.

4) I love talking to vendors I know I can trust.

If only one could figure out whom to trust.

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